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Executive Summary

41 Logistics that provides logistic solutions relating to Business-to-business and business-to-consumer manufacturers, distributors or retailers.

41 Logistics offers you logistic services which allows the customer to avoid investment in warehouses, labor and delivery vehicles; tradeshow services which allow for safe, predictable handling of any exhibit. Our own fleet of vans and trucks ensure all shipments arrive on time and in good condition. No matter the size of the goods, we can offer the shipper an efficient, complete and professional service for all of their domestic distribution, worldwide freight forwarding, consolidation and specific needs.

In the local domestic network, 41 Logistics more than 34 ( thirty four ) main cities nationwide to provide Our customer an easy and Peetu Logistics access to serve their own customers under one umbrella.


Being a Logistics Company who specializes in the distribution and delivery of modern trade.
Able to provide services, based perspective, desires and interests of the customer business is unique and diverse.


Being a local logistics services company, with international service standards, which understands the needs and wants of the market, specially in Modern Trade


Company Name

MARCH,20, 2020
Notary Act : No. 16, Eka Astri Maerisa, SH.,MH.,M.Kn, Cianjur

Share Holders

President Director
Romansyah Adi Nugraha

A. Rachmatsyah